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How to Measure Square Feet

Posted on 15 July 2017 by admin (0)

measure square feet

The purpose of Baxter’s Buddies is to provide helpful home repair information for all levels of repairmen in Colorado and homeowners interested in DIY. This blog is equally for experts and for amateurs.

We don’t want to assume all of our readers understand the basics of home repair and various projects, so with that in mind, today’s post covers a topic that is very obvious to some and perhaps not obvious to homeowners just learning about home repair. Today we are going to tell you how to measure square feet.

There are many projects in your home that require you to know how to measure square feet. You will need to be able to measure square feet in order to purchase lengths of wood, install tile, purchase area rugs or new carpet or even for hiring professional services. For example, carpet cleaning companies will need to know the total square feet of carpet in order to offer a price estimate. Learn more here.

The only tool you need to measure square feet is either a ruler or a measuring tape. We recommend a measuring tape.

You will find it easiest to measure rooms like bedrooms and bathrooms. That is because those types of rooms are often just square or rectangle shapes. To measure the square feet of a room that is a square shape or a rectangular shape, you need to measure the length of the room and the width of the room with your tape measurer. Then simply multiply the two measurements together for your answer:


To measure the square feet of a room that is a triangular shape, first measure the width of the room and then the length of the room. The equation is similar to the one above. The only difference is after you multiply the two measurements together, you need to divide that number by two:


What if the room is a very odd shape with multiple corners and indents? This type of room is common for most living rooms and basements. For this type of a room, we recommend dividing the room into smaller shapes. Measure portions of the room that are a square or rectangle shape or portions of the room that are a triangular shape. Then after you have the square feet of each of those shapes, all you need to do is add each answer together for the total square feet.


You can now be confident in your ability to measure square feet and provide information to professional service providers and home contractors. This knowledge will also help you when determining the proper materials and sizes to purchase during visits to your local hardware store in Denver or nearby communities.

An incorrect measurement can derail a home repair projects more than you think. Take your time when measuring square feet to ensure you are correct. Don’t hesitate to double check measurements if need be.